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Pace2Life Welfare Foundation

New Horizon for Disabled Persons


Change is the word that is commonly used in our society nowadays but no one is willing to give the sacrifice for the real or practical change of the society except few ones. According to the old Greek philosophy every word we use in our language or culture or even our daily lives we must know about the roots and basics of that word to implement that in our lives deeply. But the fact is that most of our society does not have any idea about the change not even according to the dictionary. Exceptions are everywhere in this universe so as we also do in our society like Pace2Life that is playing his role to change the society for its betterment

PACE2Life is the organization of persons with disabilities, run and controlled by, and representing the voices of persons with disabilities in Pakistan. Along with our members, we believe in, and strive for, the full inclusion of disabled people in society and the workplace. For this purpose, inclusion is a human rights and civil liberties issue that must be effectively tackled. By working in partnership with disabled peoples, government and other bodies, we believe that equality can be achieved.

In this connection Inspirational & courageous Disabled (Special) Person Waqas Ahmed along with his some student friends founded Pace2Life Welfare Foundation in 2007 to make Special Persons a useful part of society by facilitating them in Health, Education & Career Support. Further Pace2Life registered as Welfare Organization from Social Welfare Department Punjab in 2009 as well as N.G.O/N.P.O from District Registrar Lahore, and it is being managed by Young Volunteers without any Political, Racial & Sectarian Bias. Besides working for Welfare of Special Persons, Pace2Life provides Natural Disaster Relief, Health & Education Support, Women Empowerment and also strives to create Awareness regarding Disability Rights as well as on different Environments & Social Issues.


Our Goal is empowerment of persons with disabilities, irrespective of caste, creed, and religion, gender for the realization of their full potential in all spheres of life, specially social, economic, personal and political.


To build an inclusive community where everyone is a part of it, and not apart from it


Pace 2 life is committed to working in partnership with people with disabilities to develop their potential to the fullest so that they can be self-reliant and independent.


We are autonomous organization and believe in team work. We believe that work provides not only money – it is about self-worth, self-esteem and social development. Apart from this throughout the organization we ensure;

  • Equal Opportunities
  • Participatory approach in decision making
  • Dedication and Commitment
  • Inclusive Community Development


Following are the key objective of our organization

  • Advocate society about the rights of disabled persons through awareness campaigns and demonstrations
  • Inclusion of disabled persons in overall development process through lobbying with policy makers in public, private and development sector
  • Empowerment of disabled persons through training and counseling
  • Development of Accessible environment though awareness raising and consultations
  • Creating bridge between disabled persons and facilities of health, education and livelihood through promoting accessible information
  • Creating bridge between disabled persons and facilities of health, education and livelihood through promoting accessible information
  • Harness modern technology, tools and skills to streamline national policy, planning, programming and service delivery for effective redressal of disabilities;
  • Working with legislators and policy makers to:
    • promote civil rights for disabled people and challenge discriminatory practice;
    • Challenge the effectiveness of services used by disabled people to achieve independent living.
    • Ensure that they are involving disabled adults and children in decision making processes and that their voice is being heard.


Our strategy is to support marginalized segment of society through their rehabilitation and strengthening capacities for Besides Welfare of disabled persons, disaster relief & rehabilitation, Health & Education Support and women empowerment. Also strives to create Awareness regarding disability rights as well as on different Environments & Social Issues and development programs for children, adolescents and women.

Our strategic approach based on the following principles:

  • Advocacy / Sensitization
  • Behavioral Change Communication (BCC)
  • Home/Community Based Care
  • Youth Friendly Resource
  • Training Peer Educators
  • Health service provision

Furthermore we are promoting an element of ‘inclusion’ of all segments of society in our efforts so that we do not miss out in the representation of any person because of their religion, gender or any other differences.


Under project implementation services we design and implement service delivery projects directly. Monitoring, reporting and quality assurance is done through an internal system against laid down performance indicators.


Following are our programme areas;


People with disabilities are integral part of our society therefore we promote an element of rehabilitation as well as ‘inclusion’ in all our efforts so that we do not miss out representation of any person because of their disability, gender or any other differences. People with disabilities can be included in mainstream development if opportunity and facilitation is provided according to their needs and demand. We have developed an approach on inclusion of people with disabilities in mainstream life. Under this approach, opportunities are provided to PWDs to get included in:

  1. Health
  2. Education
  3. Livelihood
  4. Social and recreation activities

A simultaneous process is initiated for raising awareness of families and community members on importance of rehabilitation and inclusion of people with disabilities. People in the society are also mobilized and trained to develop more tolerance and acceptance and realize the rights of PWDs to education and employment. Efforts are made to improve self-esteem, social acceptance and overall satisfaction and happiness of people with disabilities through various individual level and communal level interventions.

This helps enable people with disabilities to participate in communal decision making processes which affect their lives. Our approach is to reach out to as many PWDs as possible. In this regard we also hold consultative workshops to mobilize Disabled Persons to suggest measures to make society more inclusive for PWDs. It is our aim to raise awareness in the families and neighborhoods of PWDs regarding inclusion and rights of PWDs in social, economic educational, communal and recreational spheres of life.


Promotion of quality education especially among deprived and destitute girls. This is done through establishing community based primary schools in remote rural areas where no such facility exists, adult literacy classes for rural women, scholarships to poor girls for higher education and training of teachers. Children with disabilities, child labour and out of schools girls are mobilized towards for mainstreaming into the education system.


Promotion of good health through community driven stable, cost effective and sustainable approaches such as developing local health personnel and strengthening government health facilities. PACE2LIFE organized and sponsors health camps at various locations and arranges for medical teams, medical supplies and medicines to benefit the poor.  Patients identified at the Medical Camps who need more in-depth treatment are helped. Furthermore we strengthen local individuals who work on health and immunization to come forward to make concerted efforts for improving maternal child health and increase immunization coverage.

We have operational dispensary and operational ambulance serving the marginalized community of the area for 24/7.


PACE2Life teams are often among the responders, arriving immediately after a natural or man-made disaster strikes to identify and respond to the most immediate needs. Then we continue our support through the critical recovery and rehabilitation phases. Because we have nationwide linkages also we understand the local cultural and political context, and our staff is positioned for quick response.

Humanitarian Principles

PACE2Life is a non-profit based humanitarian organization and work through close coordination with affected communities in emergency response and rehabilitation. All interventions are carried out at the grassroots level with the full participation and partnership of the targeted community and the project beneficiaries.

The management makes sure that the humanitarian principles are considered and abide by at each and every stage and level of project implementation. As the same served principles are considered the base for evaluating the performance, efficiency and impact of project outputs and results


PACE2Life make all out efforts to save lives and safeguard the protection of most/extremely vulnerable beneficiaries by addressing their emergency and early recovery needs in a respectable and dignified manner.


It is in the staff Code of Conduct of the PACE2Life that no staff member of the organization or its projects will engage himself or herself in activities which damage the image of organization as a neutral and non-political organization.


PACE2Life serves all beneficiaries no matter what their social, religious, ethnic, cultural and political associations are. The fundamental objective is to provide services to those who are in dire need of them.


We does not allow any outside agency for example a political party or a religious group or military to influence its services for favouring a particular group etc. by the provision of food security packages.


Sensitization of society where people respect each other’s rights and responsibilities in an equitable manner. This is achieved through developing local human rights activists, capacity building of institutions and individuals responsible for ensuring justice in soft skills, awareness raising of communities on human rights and national and international laws and empowerment and inclusion of victims of violence.


Women Empowerment is a core theme of that cuts across the organization’s entire structures and programs in terms of a theme itself. Our team places a strategic priority for women’s rights and believes that working for the empowerment, inclusion, and advancement of women in the society is essential to achieve grassroots development, peacebuilding, stability and prosperity in the country. We are building the capacity of women’s leadership across dividing lines to understand their position and roles in bridging differences and working collaboratively towards improving the status of women.


PACE2Life has double entry accounting system with approved financial policy. All the organizational matters are guided by the policy manuals which are recently revised and ready to incorporate further improvement with the technical support of consultants, experts, professionals and board members. Regular audit of accounts is conducted by the well renowned external auditors.

Auditors: Salman and Arshad Chartered Accountant


Our organization has clear and comprehensive accounting policy for its financial systems. Documented policy and procedures provided guidance to staff, which help for consistent treatment of financial data and the foundation of financial and data for control of financial accountability. PACE2Life has following policies for smooth operations of the organization.

  • Administration Manual
  • Financial & Reserves
  • Human Resource Management
  • Monitoring & Evaluation (Impact Assessment)
  • Risk Management


PACE2 LIFE has so far successfully implemented different community development programs to uplift socio-economic status of disabled, poor’s & deprived people living in a remote un-developed areas. These programs were implemented with organization’s own resources membership fee, local donation income from services grant from Governmental, non-governmental organization.


Head office Lahore:

Bhaati Gate Lahore

District Mansehra office:

Shohal Mazullah Khan, Tehsil Balakot, District Mansehra

District Toba Tek Singh Office:

Chak no: 430 Jhagh Gojra road, district Toba Tek Singh

Our Ongoing Projects:

  • Vocational training center for women Gojra
  • Free dispensary, inside Bhatti Gate Lahore
  • Ambulance services for walled city Lahore
  • wheelchair distribution whole year all over the Pakistan
  • Medical camp on monthly basis all over the Pakistan
  • Awareness companied whole year all over Pakistan

Ongoing Mega project:

  • Construction of Layyah School of Special Persons, Dispensary and women empowerment center
  • Land have been donated by Zafar Brothers
  • Construction of Rehabilitation and women empowerment (Vocational) Centre for disables and women’s at Gojra
  • Land purchase for above  project, 10 Marla
Name:                                     PACE2LIFE WELFARE FOUNDATION
Account and Bank Detail; Title: PACE2LIFE

Branch Code: 0172

Account # 6510054424100019

IBAN: PK36BPUN6510054424100019

Swift Code: PBUNPKAA

The Bank of Punjab (BOP), Central Model School

Branch, Lower Mall, Lahore, Pakistan

NTN 3556671-7
Legal Status:              Registered under Societies Act 1860, Register of Societies Govt.   of Punjab as a non-profit, voluntary, non-governmental organization
Registration # DO.SW.LHR (R&G) 09/1590
Year of Establishment:            Established in 2007 and Registered in 2009
Thematic Areas:        Disability mainstreaming, Human Rights, Health, Education, Women Empowerment and Humanitarian Response
Geographical Area:  Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa &Azad Kashmir
Human Resource: 10 Regular Staff, more than 500 volunteers
Publications: Bruchers, News Letters
Address: Pace2Life Welfare Foundation, Bhaati Gate Lahore
Phone Mobile # 00-92-300-7863323 & 00-92-333-8872815